Buddha Statue
Statue of Liberty
Intl Family Road of Heaven
Christmas Tablescape
Intl Family Angel
Heaven city

Intl Family (International Family or IF) is our common world family.  All the human beings are the members of our great Intl Family. No matter we are wearing different skins, speaking different languages, believing in different religions, and belonging to different cultures – yet we are all the birds of the same nest. We born on the same planet, share the same home- the blue earth. We covered by the same skies, gazing at the same stars, and breathing the same air. Therefore,  the world is one family!  We should learn to progress joyfully together or miserably perish together. For humans can live individually but can survive only collectively. Come to join in the biggest family in the world! You are the host of our Intl Family! The history of Intl Family is wrote by all of us! We are one family under God!



Intl Family Yacht Club


World Health Peace Zen

Festival Crowd


Intl Happiness Party

Volunteers Serving Food
University Building
Praying Girl





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